Until recently, for the last decade or so, panic attacks haven’t properly been diagnosed or recognized as an actual condition for people. As a result, it hasn’t been easy finding cures for panic attacks. Sudden feelings of anxiety and emotional stress were considered a regular side effect of everyday life. Then, one day, the doctors became aware of the commonality with all the symptoms. The onset, of this condition, can vary. However the effects are more or less the same. You might experience anything from heart palpitations, tight chest or throat, restrictive breathing, or hot-flushes. Most of the time you won’t even know it is a panic attack. That is, until someone explains it to you.

Cures for panic attacks have often been remedied via chemical controls. Recent research has led to some alternative methods, that help assist people with the condition, without the need to take any form of medication. Chemical treatment, through the use of a medication Meth Detox such as Diazepam and Lorazepam, are common. They contain benzodiazepine which is effective in calming the nervous system down and relaxing the muscles. However, much debate has gone on about its use. Mainly due to the addictive traits it has on people who’ve used it for a long time. Psychologists have also been known to prescribe anti-depressants for the condition, to assist in maintaining the serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin is basically your body’s own naturally produced ‘happy drug’. It is a hormone, responsible for your mood, greater levels mean a happier mood.

Alternative treatments are somewhat more popular of late. Alternative treatments do not use any chemicals. Apart from alternative therapies and medication, the most common form of treatment is found on the couch of a qualified professional. They exercise cognitive behavioral therapy with the patient. This actively helps to give a person better understanding of their thoughts, and so create awareness. It has been found effective for people who are willing to see a professional therapist, but going to therapy is not always a favorite thing to do. All too often it is avoided by the people it would most benefit. Another alternative, people have been known to resort to, (most likely because they can help themselves), is breathing into a paper bag, or using controlled breathing. It has been known to successfully reduce the heart rate and help to calm the person down. There are so many cures for panic attacks available.


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