Great deals are characterized by prompt and firm decisions. Time-bound decision making is an art that’s hard to master when you are unprepared. Deals forged on the go are often your best and most fruitful transactions. Making the most of an opportunity requires that you be ready with the proposition. In the traditional business environment, this aspect of preparation is mostly attributed to efficient small-talk and elaborate flare. While this method will carry businesses forward in the short race, it’s the long run that organizations must worry about.

In a competitive environment, organizations must equip themselves with the best tools to secure great projects. Well, the natural transition would be to a more technologically enabled workplace. Technology makes businesses look good. The future of business is digital. At the negotiation table, you need to put your best foot forward. Likewise, for organizations, it’s important to close deals from anywhere and at any time. Keeping your clients waiting because you couldn’t make it to that place will ruin your chances of banking on a project. The advantages of sell ipad 7th generation 32gb online electronic signatures can be found in every manner of documentation and deal-making. E-signature software can be applied on mobile phones. You could be at one end of the world on a voyage or the edge of your seat in a theatre and still be productive enough to strike a deal. Software helps participants quickly access and sign documents. One can readily locate documents, check the status, sign it, forward signed copies and store a copy of the signed documents online. This system helps involved parties build a secure audit trail without fear of losing documents or forging them. Also, elimination of a paper trail makes this system more secure and trustworthy. Each electronic signature carries an encryption and has multi-faceted verification every time a document is signed. File sharing becomes easy because everything is stored online. The underlying advantage with e-signature solutions is convenience. Because documents can be signed and sent from anywhere, firms will never have cause for lost opportunities. You needn’t worry about your consenting parties being techno-challenged; e-signature solutions are easy to implement and use. It’s like using an electronic pen. Wet signatures can be easily forged, manipulated or misplaced. But that’s not half the reason why one should invest in signature software. Even for a particularly cautious and calculated dealer, hand-written signatures are painstakingly slow. Moreover, why would you want to leave a paper trail? With e-signatures, all deals can be securely placed online. The next question that pops up after clarifying the security and convenience issue is whether online signatures are legally binding. The US federal ESIGN Act and UETA Act make signature solutions enforceable by law. Most signature software solutions also provide applications (apps) for smart phones and tablets. An electronic signature describes the intent of the signatory and is valid in a court of law.

Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, majority of e-signatures will be implemented using mobile phones. Online electronic signatures improve workflow and increase efficiency. If businesses have still not invested in this technology, this is a good time to start. The returns will be impressive.


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