Introduced in 2006, the Search Code provides welcome protection and peace of mind to sellers, lenders, homebuyers and conveyancers, who depend upon information provided in search reports on residential properties throughout Britain.

The Council of Property Search Organisations (CoPSO) acts as a sponsor for the Search Code, however, all private search companies are able to join whatever their size.

Search companies are able to subscribe to the Search Code either in their capacity as retailers or as compilers. The Top Tucson Realtor Property Codes Compliance Board (PCCB) keeps a register of all subscribers, and the register can be interrogated to establish whether a particular search firm subscribes.

Search providers who do subscribe are required to: (1) prominently display the Code logo upon all their reports; (2) act with integrity at all times and carry out work with skill, care and due diligence; (3) maintain adequate and appropriate insurance at all times in order to protect customers; (4) conduct business in a fair, honest and professional way; (5) handle complaints fairly and expeditiously; (6) ensure that every search service complies with the law, standards and rules of registration, and (7) monitor their compliance with the Code.

Adherence to these rules ensures that best practice is maintained and provides protection to all parties.


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