For some people, the idea of a holiday is simply to laze on a beach and soak up the sun, for others it’s the chance to discover learn new and fascinating areas of the world. A trekking holiday is the perfect opportunity to do so, allowing you to become an explorer and witness incredible landscapes others can only dream of. Here are some of the best treks the world has to offer.

Our first trek takes us to the Himalayas; this range of snow covered mountain tops dominates the area, standing ground firmly between India and China. It is home to Best Time To Go Annapurna Base Camp, the largest mountain in the world standing at over 29,000 feet. While many people have clambered to the top of the rock, others are usually put off by the £25,000 permit needed to attempt it. The cheaper and far safer option is the trek to the base camp. The trek takes you through the narrow bustling streets of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. You then fly to Lukla to begin your ascent. The five day journey to the base camp takes you through incredible scenery and landscapes, dominated by the snow covered peak of Everest. Take the traditional route of the first explorers through the Sherpa Heartland, before reaching the base camp for views which are simply out of this world.

Our next stop takes us to South America, through the rainforests of Peru to the forgotten city. The Inca trail is a moderate trek taking you through the history of the Inca’s. Take your self along the ancient pathways built by the civilization all the way to Macchu Picchu. This hill top city, almost 8000 feet above sea level remains nearly completely isolated, only accessible through the hike. It really is something quite spectacular, with a complex network of buildings temples and farmland overlooking plummeting misty gorges. On the way, expect to be greeted with an abundance of wildlife, plants and breathtaking of the Andes mountain range.

The final stop goes to Africa’s largest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. The flat peaked mountain towers some 19,000 feet above sea level. It is among the only mountains people are able to climb without the need of a harness; however it still remains a colossal test human endurance, with explorers guaranteed to experience shortage of breath, headaches and altitude sickness at some point during the trek. Reaching the top however is considered to be a commendable achievement, pushing your body’s strength and determination to its limits.

There are just a few of the great treks the world has to offer. So are you waiting for? Look into it and take your self on your own adventure holiday today.


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